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Extraktionsapparat för fetter och oljor ’DET-GRAS N’ 2 poster

100000 kr174000 kr


Product description

Equipment for the extraction of fats and soluble substances that will dissolve in solvents. Based on the Soxhlet methods by Randall, the DETGRAS-N extracts fats (and or other substances) from the sample by dissolving them in a solvent. If compared to the classic standard soxhlet method, a time saving of between 30-70% can be obtained due to a two stage extraction process and high speed in obtaining high temperatures.


Practically all methods of classic soxhlet extraction can be substituted by the DET-GRAS N. Typical fat determinations are: in meat products, animal fodder, pre-prepared foods, fish etc. Also suitable for the extraction of soluble components in paper paste, textile fibres etc.

  • Heating by protected electric heater, distributed throughout the radiator surface that provides homogeneous heating throughout the samples.
  • Electrical safety according to IP65.
  • Robust temperature control by a durable thermocouple.
  • Safety over temperature device.
  • Outer case made of solvents resistant epoxy coated steel.
  • Extractions can be completed using glass or cellulose thimbles.
  • Compatible with most common solvents: Petroleum ether. Diethyl ether, hexane, acetone acetonitrile etc.
  • Supplied complete with 2 sets of seals, adapters for different solvent types.
  • Typical extraction time (food fats) 50 minutes.
  • Compatible with the hydrolysis unit HI-1427

Cellulose extraction thimbles Øext 26 x 60 mm.
Reusable glass thimbles Øext 34 x 80 mm.
Working temperature of 90 to 240 °C.
Solvent recovery 60 to 80 %.
Solvent volume (by sample): up to 50 ml.
Program memories: 16.
Extraction time <>: from 0 to 99 minutes.
Extraction time <>: from 0 to 99 minutes.
Time to recuperate solvents: from 0 to 99 minutes.

Part No. No. of places Heiht/Width/Depth cm Water consumption litres/minutes Power W Weight Kg
082-4002841 2 70x45x40 1 200 19
082-4002842 6 70x45x40 2 600 25

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