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  /    /  Kräm, olja och gel, Produkter för massage och sjukgymnastik, Värme och kylgeler  /  Thermo Gel muskel aktivator för innan tävling 500 ml

Thermo Gel muskel aktivator för innan tävling 500 ml

380 kr


Product description

Thermo gel muscle activator pre competition PRE S. The ARGININE amino acid with methyl salicylate provokes a vasodilator effect aiming to boost your strength and energy thanks to the enhaced transport of oxygen and nutrients.

  • Performance enhancement.
  • It stimulates blood flow in the treatment area with an increase of local temperature, reason for which it is recommended for pre competition.
  • It contains high concentrations of methyl salicylate and menthol.
  • Fast and effective relief of all kinds of chronic pain or injuries (lasting more than 72 hours) thermally treated.
  • Specially indicated when there is no time to perform warming-up exercises and a fast warming is needed.
  • Arginine is used to promote nitric oxide production.
  • Nitric oxide (NO) dilates blood vessels, promoting blood flow in muscular tissues.
  • It strengthens muscles, energy levels and immune system.
  • Effective when body heat is dissipated faster than usual, e.g. when swimming or practising winter sports.
  • It is perfect to prepare muscles and joints for sports practise. It helps prevent injuries, pulls or contractures. Local anesthetic, antiphlogistic, balsamic and rubefacient actions (it stimulates blood flow in the treatment area, thus reducing hematomas).
  • It produces an agreeable short term warming effect immediately, increasing muscle's energy and obtaining an effective contraction.
  • Warming before sports practise for elite athletes, cycling, triathlon and athletics.
  • Excellent muscular gel that stimulates blood flow before a competition. Its application reduces the risk of injuries.
  • Get prepared for long races with this gel that stimulates your muscles and prepares them for big efforts.


Apply directly on skin with a light and energic massage in upward direction until it is totally absorbed. It should be done following the direction of blood flow and between 10 and 15 minutes before performing a sports activity. The massage should last at least 5 minutes.


  • 500 ml bottle

Physicochemical features:

  •  Pearl white viscous gel
  • Density: 0.925 g/cc.
  • pH: 5.5+/-0.5.