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  /    /  Kräm, olja och gel, Produkter för massage och sjukgymnastik, Värme och kylgeler  /  Kall Gel för återhämtning efter tävling 500 ml

Kall Gel för återhämtning efter tävling 500 ml

380 kr


Product description

Cold gel recovery post competition S REC. Amino acid TAURINE-based gel, with natural origin extracts. Tested effectiveness in the field of physiotherapy. High concentrations of methyl salicylate, menthol and camphor. Effective and fast action on all kind of muscular or articular pain, stiffness, fatigue and overwork. Moreover, it fastly eliminates remains such as lactic acid and ammonia released during exercise.

  • Specially formulated for muscular recovery after intense exercise, it is beneficial thanks to its recovery, anti-fatigue and relief functions.
  • Taurine is very effective for eliminating lactic acid, what improves the recovery process.
  • Its antioxidant activity and its cellular protection properties reduce muscular fatigue provoked by exercise.
  • Moreover, taurine increases the muscular cells volume and helps convert glycogen into glucose, which is the most important substance for muscles.
  • Local anesthetic, antiphlogistic, balsamic and rubefacient properties (it estimulates blood flow in the application area, reducing hematoma formation).
  • It produces an agreeable heat/cold effect and reliefs muscles after an intense physical activity.
  • Indicated to shorten the recovery period for professional athletes, cycling, triathlon and athletics.
  • Excellent product to activate blood flow.
  • It promotes recovery.


  • Bottle 500 ml

Physico-chemical characteristics:

  • Physical characteristics: matt white viscous gel.
  • Density: 0.925 g/cc.
  • pH: 5.5+/-0.5