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  /    /  Kräm, olja och gel, Produkter för massage och sjukgymnastik, Värme och kylgeler  /  Gel med kylande effekt för avsvällning av muskler ICE-COLD 250 cm2

Gel med kylande effekt för avsvällning av muskler ICE-COLD 250 cm2

220 kr


Product description

ICE-COLD Geltérmico cold effect

Gel ideal for after any muscular activity, particularly suitable for sports after great effort, tired legs, circulation problems or other joint or muscle disease.

Menthol: It is rapidly absorbed through the skin, reporting a cooling sensation to act as mild local anesthetic, ideal for relaxing body.
Propylene glycol: Softens the skin and makes it more flexible, increasing its hydration.
Glycerin: Glycerin has moisturizing and softening properties of the skin, avoiding the drying per share on the upper layers of the epidermis.
Aloe vera: Aloe has emollient, hydrating, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory epitelizantesy. Protects from solar radiation and provides good skin hydration. Cash tired skins, neglected and aging.
Methyl salicylate: counterirritant, indicated for muscle pain.
Eucalyptol: Refreshing, stimulating revitalizantey.
Mentha arvensis essential oil: Emollient and muscle relaxant.
Wheat germ oil: Source of essential fatty acids and vitamin E natural.

Instructions for use:
Apply on the area to try a small amount of product and make a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

Do not apply to eyes, skin or mucous wound or burn.
Do not use if allergic to salicylates.
Not recommended for use in children or during pregnancy or breastfeeding.