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Arnica Gel muskel regenerator 500 ml

380 kr


Product description

Regenerating muscle arnica gel R GEN. GLUTAMINE amino acid-based, with arnica montana (anaelgesic effect) and harpagophytum extracts (anti-inflammatory effect). Herbs-based. Topical use. Specially formulated to relax, relief and recover muscular areas or achy joints due to high intensity efforts, tensions, overwork, pulls, contractures, etc. It brings new energy.

  • Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and rubefacient properties (it stimulates blood flow in the treatment area, thus reducing hematoma formation).
  • It produces an agreeable relief sensation after an intense physical activity. Glutamine plays an important role promoting recovery. It is able to store glycogen and moisture muscular cells, increasing muscular cells volume and preventing cellular catabolism. It promotes the recovery process.
  • Product developped by physiotherapists aiming to shorten the recovery period and to relief fatigue for professional athletes, cycling, triathlon and athletics.
  • Used to produce a relaxing sensation of muscular tone.
  • Apply directly on skin with a light and smooth massage in upward direction until it is totally absorbed.
  • The massage should be done following the direction of blood flow.


  • Bottle 500 ml

Physico-chemical characteristics:

  • Physical characteristics: Brown viscous gel.
  • Density: 0.925 g/cc.
  • pH: 5.5+/-0.5.