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Fot deodorant talkpuder 100 g

200 kr

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Product description

Formula with talc and rice starch that absorbs sweat and keeps feet clean and dry.
Among its ingredients: Triclosan is an antibacterial substance that prevents sweat and bad odours. Zinzan oxide is a skin protector.
It controls sweat and odour. It avoids the proliferation of germs, deodorises and refreshes.


  • Perspiration and odour control.
  • Multiple action.
  • It avoids the proliferation of germs.
  • Deodorant.
  • Refreshing action.
  • It regulates excess sweating, eliminates bad odours and refreshes overheated feet.
  • It is necessary to perform this operation throughout the year, especially if you tend to sweat excessively.
  • Package of 100 g.

Foot sweat removal:

We summarize the frequently asked questions on the excessive sweating of the feet:

Why do feet sweat?
The sweat glands are unevenly distributed throughout the epidermis. In the feet area, they concentrate on the soles, and in some individuals in such quantities that they cause severe problems affecting coexistence.

What provokes unpleasant odours?
The foot locked in shoes or slippers and the lack of ventilation cause sweat and moisture. This moisture is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that decompose and cause unpleasant odours. The volatile compounds that are released when sweating decompose on contact with micro-organisms present in skin flora provoking the appearance of unpleasant odours that will be more persistent the higher the amount of sweat.
Sneakers and hiking shoes with rubber or synthetic soles and artificial fiber socks favor unpleasant odours. THE SMELL appears most often on the soles and between the toes, for this reason hygiene is important. Dry your feet and the gaps between toes thoroughly, wear breathable shoes and socks made of natural fibers.
Ventilate your shoes and treat them with a DEODORANT suitable for FEET AND SHOES like this one.

What can be done to avoid feet sweating?
Maintaining a strict hygiene is not enough. It is advisable to use specific products to control the bacteria that cause the unpleasant "smell" of feet sweat.