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Räcke med rörlighets hjälpsystem SAM Ergonom Höger

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Product description

Barandilla Sistema Ayuda Movilidad SAM Ergonom.

SAM (Mobility Aid System). These are bed accessories that offer new features to promote the mobility of bedridden patients reducing and facilitating the interventions of caregivers or helpers.

  • Reference 364-A618-00: Right. Grey RAL 7035. Width 70.5cm x Height 46.4cm.
  • Reference 364-A619-00: Left. Grey RAL 7035. Width 70.5cm x Height 46.4cm.


Compatible with bedsteads of the following beds:

  • Reference 364-EXCELYS-PACK: EXCELYS 90cm bed with elevation system.
  • Reference 364-ALDRYS-PACK: ALDRYS Alzheimer Evolution II, bed with elevation system.
  • Reference 364-XCID-PACK: XCID, bed with elevation system.
  • Reference 364-XXLXP-COL120: XXL XPRESS II, foldable bed with elevation system. 120cm. Mattress included.
  • Reference 364-XXLXP-120: XXL XPRESS II, bed with elevation system. 120cm. Mattress not included.
  • Reference 364-XXLXP-140: XXL XPRESS II, bed with elevation system. 140cm. Mattress not included
  • Reference 364-XXLXP-COL140: XXL XPRESS II, bed with elevation system. 140cm. Mattress included.
  • Reference: 364-XPRESSII-PACK: XPRESS II 90cm, bed with elevation system.

Mobility, lying-sitting:

Difficulties for the resident or the patient:

  • Psychomotor alterations (e.g.: psychomotor mismatch syndrome)
  • Stasibasiphobia
  • Abdomino-pelvic muscular weakness.

Difficulties for the health worker:

  • Slow motor functioning (e.g. Parkinson’s disease)
  • Stability in an unstable sitting position.
  • Biomechanical disc pressure of the user (compression, torsion).
  • MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorder) risk in the exercise of the activity.


  • Adjusting the position to the functions of the bed user.
  • Reduce the risk of falling of the patient or resident.
  • Prevent MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorder) in the exercise of the activity of the caregiver..
  • Decrease the workload of the caregiver.
  • Ensure the caregivers mobility around the bed.


  • Maintaining the autonomy of patients, improving confidence in themselves.
  • Muscle strengthening and improved balance.
  • Efficiency and safety during movements prior to the patient standing upright.
  • Increased confidence reduces anxiety.
  • Satisfaction for health workers.
  • Maintenance and improvement of personal mobility (ergomotricity).
  • Reduction in workload and stress (ergonomics).

Side rolling:


  • Handling movements frequently performed by medical staff (washing, changing, dressings, etc.).
  • Biomechanical disc pressure (forward flexion and compression).
  • MSD(I) risk, Musculoskeletal Disorders, in the exercise of the activity of the caregiver.
  • Usefullness of conventional guard rails for the patient, but inconvenient for the health worker.


  • Improve efficient bed care.
  • To reduce dorso-lumbar strain during care in bed.
  • To improve the patient’s mobility by stimulating his/her participation in everyday actions.


  • Health workers well-being and productivity.
  • Patient participation in his/her own care.
  • Muscular strengthening.


This item is not designed to prevent a patient voluntarily leave the bed.

It is recommended to conduct an evaluation of the benefit / risk of the SAM Mobility Aid System to decide to use or not the same.
This assessment must take into account service monitoring capabilities and the physical and mental state of the patient: needs, abilities, clearness, size, agitation. This assessment should be repeated regularly.


Complies with the essential requirements applicable according to the European Directive 93/42/CE and 2007/47/CE.
Standard CEI 60601-2-52.

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