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Massagefåtölj BH Shiatsu PRINCE

48400 kr


Product description

BH Shiatsu PRINCE Massage Chair.

  •     Helps reduce stress, insomnia and many so-called modern life diseases.
  •     Modern, simple remote control allows you to choose between different massage modes, adjusting the intensity and the treatment area, both horizontally and vertically, customising your massage and reaching all points of your back.
  •     It has three automatic programmes (RELAX, AIR and THERAPY ) with a duration of 15 minutes to combine the 5 types of massage.
  •     Releases localised pain and tension in your back combining the width adjustment of massage (3 levels) with localised spots massage ( 2 types) , 1 – partial mode ( PARTIAL) : based on the current position, the massage area expands a third of total and 2 – spot mode (SPOT) : Pauses massage in the spot you prefer.
  •     Relieves muscle fatigue and improves blood flow easily and conveniently adjusting the massage speed to the desired level (3 levels) at all times.


The Prince Massage Chair is operated via an intuitive, modern remote control with blue backlit LCD display.

You can choose between manual massage modes (5), adjust the intensity (3 levels) and the treatment area (total, partial or spot), both vertically and horizontally (depending on the massage), customising the massage to your liking and reaching all points of your back.

After the session, you can place the massage chair in any position (vertical, lying or half-lying) to read, watch TV , etc.

The Prince M400 model features 3 preset programmes (Therapy, Air and Relax) that will transport you to a world of relaxation and new sensations.

Select the position that is most comfortable. You can set independently the tilting angles of legs and back to enjoy your massage.

Lie back and forget your problems. With the manual control system can adjust the feet- massager to the length of your legs, so you can enjoy a massage 100 % adapted to your anthropometric size.

The M400 Massage Chair applies a dual massage by air pressure and vibration on your legs, which proves to be an ideal complement to lymphatic drainage technique.

Types of massage :

  • DUAL ACTION MASSAGE : A new combination of tapping massage and kneading massage. A multiple function which promotes relaxation of contractures. A function that multiplies the relaxing and beneficial effects of both types of massage.
  • TAPPING MASSAGE : It relaxes the muscles of the entire back and increases the circulation of oxygen in the body. Very soft and pleasant massage that simulates the tapping along the back of agile and skilled hands, helping to increase the circulation of oxygen in the body.
  • KNEADING MASSAGE : Relieves neck pains strengthening and loosening the tension in the muscles. Circular massage that very effectively relaxes the whole back , strengthening the muscles and easing tension.
  • ROLLING MASSAGE : Promotes lymphatic drainage and stimulates certain strategic acupuncture points on the back, relaxing muscles.
  • SWEDISH MASSAGE : A therapy designed to relax the muscles that combines a smooth massage with light percussion massage. Swedish massage is a pleasant combination of light circular massaging and a slight tapping. It is similar to the dual -action massage, but less energetic.

Dimensions and weight:

  • Upright size: 135 cm (length ) x 75 cm (width ) x 118 cm (height).
  • Size in tilted position : 204 cm (length ) x 75 cm (width ) x 75 cm (height).
  • Weight: 65 Kg