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Positioneringskudde med mikropärlor, halvmåne-form

2460 kr

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Product description

Positioning cushions permit to place the patient in different positions in an easy and fast way, helping to reduce the pressure exerted on skin and tissues in areas at risk of bedsores.

General features:

  •  CIC cover avoids liquid ingress. Polyester thread seams.
  • PROMUST CIC:  Jersey fabric coated with polyurethane. Control of cross infections, impermeable and breathable, anti-odour, antibacterial, anti-mites and anti-fungal. 58% Polyester, 35% Poliurethane Polycarbonate, 8% others.
  • Protection Ag++ by Sanitized® Silver offers more resistance to bacteria.
  • Polycarbonate coating on polyamide mesh for long duration.
  • Oeko-Tex certificate class 2 for direct skin contact. No risk in direct contact with wounded skin.
  • Microbeads cushion in self-extinguishing PES. Microbeads composed by a 99% of air.
  • Vacuum Touch concept for even distribution of micro beads.
  • Dimensions: Semicircle 60×35 cm.
  • Weight: 0.36 kg.

 Special features:

  • Bedsores prevention in the area of ischia, sacrum and elbows. Sacrum pressure ulcers can be common in seated patients who slip forward or in bedridden patients supported badly in a semi seated position. Ischiatic pressure ulcers are often found on seated patients, it is the most frequent bedsore in paraplegic patients.
  • Easy, effortless and fast positioning of patient.
  • Stable and lasting maintenance.
  • Experts recommend a posture known as “Semi Fowler” to reduce pressure on the sacrum, ischiatic and heel areas. The solution is the combination of 4 specific cushions.

    • Reference 364-VCP09CIC: Positioning cushion with microbeads, crescent shaped.
    • Reference 364-VCP02CIC: Positioning cushion with microbeads, universal. Small size T1.
    • Reference 364-VCP03CIC: Positioning cushion with microbeads, universal. Large size T2.
    • Reference 364-VCP04CIC: Positioning cushion with microbeads, cylindrical.
  • This solution:

    • Reduces the risk of sliding forward that would put shear forces on the tissues.
    • Reduces risk of falling.
    • Can be used in place of non medical beds.
    • Reduces the pressure on the elbows.


  • Conforms to European Fire Legislation EN 597-1 and 2 and recommendation GPEM D Ibis 89 and D90.
  • Bed protection V under BS7275 1989.
  • Complies with standard NF EN ISO 22610 2006 relative to resistance against wet bacterial penetration.
  • Complies with standard 16603 2004 ISO relative to resistance of materials to the penetration of blood and body fluids.
  • Complies with standard 16604 2004 ISO relative to resistance to the prenetration of hydrostatic liquids.
  • Resistant to bacterium MRSA (ATCC6538)

Usage tips:

  • Bedsores prevention consists in changing the support points of body on the cushion every three hours on average to avoid long-lasting compression of vessels and to allow blood flow. Do not tight the sheets too much in order to not decrease the cushion effectiveness.
  • Do not place abrasive, stripper or dissolving products and sharp objects in direct contact with the protection cover.
  • Check the cushions once or several times a year. In case of problems, dispose the product.