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BURN AID APÓSITO för brännskador 250 st

12500 kr


Product description

Hydrogel dressings. First aid treatment for minor burns. For use inmediatamene after burns and thus improve treatment.


– COOLING EFFECT: The cooling reduces the damage (both in depth and in extension) in the tissue and accelerates the healing process. Hydrogel dressings with oil have shown Malaleuca cool as effectively as water, but also reduce the damage and speed healing. Start treatment as soon as possible (just after the burn has occurred) Burned Dressings dissipate excess heat.
– FAST PAIN RELIEF: The active ingredient in Burn (Malaleuca oil) has properties ”anesthetic.” Dressings provide rapid relief and sustained burns.
– HYDROSOLUBLE: water-based gel (over 90% of its composition), so no ”traps” heat. Does not alter the spectrum or the color of the lesion (supports their assessment) and does not adhere to the wound, so it is easily removed when providing medical care.
– Bacteriostatic: Burn The active ingredient (Malaleuca oil has bacteriostatic properties, thus helping to prevent contamination infeccines or secondary.
– NON-TOXIC: Burn gel has been tested in toxicity, skin irritation and sensitization, and concluded to be non-toxic and of little or no irritability. Thick and stable, allowing the constant presence of water in the affected area. It is ideal for sterile and have it available in places where water is not available.


Dressings 10×10 cm