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  /    /  Engångsmaterial, Förband och bandage, Förklippt kinesiotejp  /  Spiral Cross Bandage Tape BC Cross Patch 2,7 x 2,1 cm

Spiral Cross Bandage Tape BC Cross Patch 2,7 x 2,1 cm

320 kr


Product description

BC Cross Patch Crosses Bandage, beige.

According to the theory of balanced and manual medicine we know that muscles are dominated mainly by the motor and sensory nerves (gamma reflex arc). Furthermore vegetative nerves have an important relationship with the muscles and skin, as well as lymphatic vessel.

And so we can say that the skin and muscles are the central points for all neurotransmission. Herein lies the value and use of the so-called Cross Patch on trigger points to solve not only muscular or circulatory problems, but also from different internal organs.


  • It consists of unidirectional tapes and inelastic cross.
  • Place on area of ​​pain, trigger points or acupuncture points.
  • Relaxes muscles, relieves pain and reduces discomfort.
  • Three different measures:
Ref. Color UDS/caja
515-BCPATCH-1 Beige 20 sheets of 9 units 2,7 x 2,1 cm
515-BCPATCH-2 Beige 20 sheets of 6 units 3.6 x 2.8 cm
515-BCPATCH-3 Beige 20 sheets of 2 units 5,3 x 4,5 cm

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