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Pulsmätare POLAR FT60 F Lila

1980 kr

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Product description

The smartest way to optimize the performance. The new intelligent training program Polar FT60 constantly motivates you to pursue your goals and improve your fitness. The Polar FT60 fits very flexible to your training habits, setting new goals and allowing you train when you can. Mark your weekly goals, get results and information guides you to achieve your fitness goals in a more efficient and effective.
The new Polar STAR training program Training mark your weekly training targets, adapts to your training habits to guide you without being too strict, allowing flexibility training during the week Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness in just five minutes FT60 displays calories burned

Basic Settings:

Automatic Objective area based on age (% / bpm) -% / ppm.
· Light.
· Indicator Graphical target zone.
° FC (shown as% of maximal heart rate).
° FC (shown in ppm).
· HeartTouch, button-free operation.
· Blocks of buttons.
Objective area manual (% / bpm) -% / PMMA.
❷ Adjust sound volume.
It alarms sound and visual target zone.
· Resistance to Water – 30m.

Data Transfer:

Compatible with Polar polarpersonaltrainer.com with FlowLink – opt.

GPS features:

· Type Battery – opt. G1 GPS sensor.
· Way maximum power (up to 30 hours with an optional lithium battery) – opt. G1 GPS sensor.
· Indicator Low Battery – opt. G1 GPS sensor.
· Way Battery Saver – opt. G1 GPS sensor.
SIRF III GPS · System – opt. G1 GPS sensor.
• Resistance to shock – opt. G1 GPS sensor.
· Speed and Distance – opt. G1 GPS sensor.
· WAAS support (wide area augmentation system) – opc. G1 GPS sensor.
• Resistance to water – opt. G1 GPS sensor.

Language Functions:

· Screen in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Polar Functions:

· Average heart rate of exercise.
· Date of exercise.
· Zones goal with audible alarm HR-based.
· Zones goal with visual alarm HR-based.
· Maximum heart rate of exercise.
· Polar Fitness Test with OwnIndex.
· Polar OwnCal caloric expenditure.
· Polar OwnCode (5kHz).
· Polar OwnZone Find your personal fitness area.
· Polar Star Training Program.
° FC accurate electrocardiogram.
· Blocks Area: You can activate a target zone in the Polar Sport Zones by pressing a button during training. You can also deactivate the zone alarm just as easily: by pressing a button.
· Indicator Graphical target zone.

Recording Functions:

· Average heart rate.
· Consumption Calorie expenditure (Exercise / Weekly / Total / Fat%).
· Distance (Total) – opt. G1 GPS sensor or S1 foot pod.
Exercise · Time (total).
· HRmax.
· Files (with summaries) – 100.
· Time in target zone.

Running features:

· S1 foot pod – opt.


· Polar WearLink Coded Transmitter + 31 (replaceable).

Watch features:

It alarms: The altitude alarm is a function that tells you the time in which the predetermined altitude has been reached.
· Date indicator and day of the week.
· Zone Dual Time: A function that lets you choose between two time zones.
· Indicator of low battery.
· StopWatch.
”Hour of day (12/24h) with alarm.
· Battery user replaceable.


Weight (gr.): 51g
Battery 1 years
Battery type CR2025
30m water resistance

  • Polar FT60 Training Computer
  • Polar WearLink ® + Transmitter
  • Data Transfer Unit FlowLink ® Polar
  • Manual