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  /    /  Diagnostik, Otoskop, Oftalmoskop, Undersökningsredskap Öron-näsa-hals  /  Universal veterinärutrustning med delat otoskophuvud och batterihandtag

Universal veterinärutrustning med delat otoskophuvud och batterihandtag

22500 kr


Product description

Set complete: Slit illumination head, BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope, 5 short, closed specula SANALON S, 10 disposable tips UniSpec with midpiece, a game = 4 long, closed specula (57 x 4 mm, 65 x 6 mm, 90 x 7 mm , 150 x 10 mm), two split speculum, speculum extensible, one spare bulb each in hard case with BETA battery handle, 2.5v

Cleft Head:

– Rugged metal. Practically unlimited.
-Lighting by glass fi ber. Clear and homogeneous illumination of the field of observation.
– Proof swivel lens scratches, corrected optical glass with two magnification. Detailed picture.
– Head split. Good insertion of instruments.
– 2 cams fit for specula. Specula secure fit.
– Building easily accessible, free of cracks. Easy cleaning, disinfection with disinfectant.

BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope Head 2.5 V lamp

– Optical system unique. HEINE ideally made the principle of Gullstrand. (Separation of the illumination beam of observation). Refl ejos are deleted from the cornea and of the iris. Also in narrow pupils, is fully illuminated area of the retina.
– XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. High intensity lighting.
– Display window deepened. Avoid lateral light ingress.
– Dust-tight enclosure. No need for cleaning.
– Precision optical parts mounted on a metal frame. Long life, precision optical constant.
– Ergonomic. The instrument is always adjusted well to the orbit.
– Support for soft front. It protects the glasses from the observer, sure grip.
– 7 illumination field diaphragm fi lter with interference red-free interpolated separately (see fi gure). The instrument is provided especially for narrow and dilated pupils, for ophthalmology slit fi xation test and fl uorescence ophthalmology. The red-free fi lter that increases the contrasts may be used with all the diaphragms.
– Field Correction: sharp image, even in case of strong anomalies
74 steps of 1 diopter