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  /    /  Diagnostik, Otoskop, Oftalmoskop, Reservdelar lampor, Tillbehör och reservdelar - Riester  /  LED HQ LoupeLight för belysning med binokulära luppar HR och HRP med i-View

LED HQ LoupeLight för belysning med binokulära luppar HR och HRP med i-View

14500 kr


Product description

LED LoupeLight for HR Binocular 2.5 x and HRP c / support i-View Magnifiers


    * HEINE LED technology. Homogeneous white light. Ideal for dental and ENT.
    * Lighting coaxial. Shadowless lighting in holes and caves, ideal for ENT and dental applications. Ideal for coaxial view all magnifiers HR / HRP.
    * Homogeneous illumination of the entire field of vision. 81 mm field of illumination at a working distance of 420 mm, 95 mm at a working distance of 500 mm.
    * Compact and lightweight (24 g). Ensures perfect comfort.
    * Aluminum case, robust and long lasting.
    * Design water-resistant. Easy to clean.
    * Fully portable with mPack LL. Autonomy for at least 17 hours.
    * Individually adjustable to the viewing angle. The correct angle for every situation.
    * The fi lter reduces blue light yellow. Prevents premature hardening of photo curable materials.
    * Design protected.
    * 40 000 lux / 25 cm working distance


– Lighting: 40 000 lux at a working distance of 250 mm
– Color Temperature: Reference Color Temperature 6250 Kelvin
– Durability of lamps: LED high power 1 W 50 000 hours of service time
– Adjusting the light field: The diameter of the light field is ideal for magnifying HR / HRP approx. In 420 mm 81 mm, approx. 95 mm to 500 mm
– Inclination angle: adjustable individually for any examination
– Optics: Optical system of high quality achromatic protected with several layers antirefl ejantes provide a clearly defined light field.
– Operating time: 17 hours with LL mPack maximum power
– Power voltage: LL mPack

I-View ® HEINE / Support rotatable magnifying

The i-View allows an optimum and individual adjustment of Binocular, both in exact adaptation to the interpupillary distance as well as the continuously variable adjustment of the angle of inclination of the lens at the optimum distance to the eye.
This guarantees a relaxed working posture with a comfortable and ergonomic.
As an option can also be attached LED lighting (LED LoupeLight) directly in support of magnifiers. You can move the lamp and the binocular lens separately.
If you do not need an increase during the test can turn up without binocular microscope modified car made preset. The lighting is unchanged focusing on the precise point where the light is. If necessary you can replace the binocular magnifier exactly the initial position, ie, keep all lospreajustes.