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  /    /  Diagnostik, Förstoringsglas ORL, Otoskop, Oftalmoskop, Tillbehör och reservdelar - Riester  /  Binokulär lupp HR med ram S-Frame med stöd i-View, i väska 2,5×340 mm

Binokulär lupp HR med ram S-Frame med stöd i-View, i väska 2,5×340 mm

19600 kr


Product description

 HR Binocular Loupe, S-Frame with support i-View, in case

Binocular Loupes HEINE HR ®

HR Technology for a large field of view

HR binocular loupes, optionally with an increase of 2 x 2.5 x,
recommended for simple interventions in surgery and dentistry.

    * The image clearer. Multiple correction reduces light reflection to a value of approx. 0.3%. It is the clearest picture of all comparable Binocular this type.
    * Crisp images with color correction. High-Tech Optics HEINE achromatic lenses fitted, provides unmatched image clarity and brightness and color distortion free.
    * Unusually large field of view. High Tech Optics offers an unusually large field of vision, distortion-free up to 250mm in diameter with very good sharpness in depth up to 290mm to work without problems also in long surveys.
    * Waterproof to dust and water jet. Protection class IP65 according to IEC 60529 (2000). Easy cleaning and disinfection.
    * Precise. The optics can be adjusted individually and accurately for
      desired distance between pupils. In an unusually wide margin for
      the lens mount allows the most varied kinds of recognitions
      with headband and rimmed glasses.
    * Extremely lightweight. HR optics weigh only 42 grams and this is especially easy to use.
    * Increases 2 x: Ideal for use in dental and general medicine. 2 increases magnifiers offer wider fields of vision and the sharpness in depth. The object is clearly reflected in a broad range of working distance. Ideal also for prophylaxis assistants / hygiene and surgery.

    * Increases 2.5 x: The difference in increase over the magnifying factor 2 is clear. HR binocular loupes 2.5x are remarkable for their combined characteristics of high gain, sharpness in depth, wide field of view and easy handling. They are particularly suitable for the ophthalmology, dental and plastic surgery. 2.5x Magnifier is our best-selling binocular magnifier. Ideal for applications in surgery and dentistry.

Mount HEINE S-Frame ®

Binocular deal for HR, HRP and HR-C

HEINE S-Frame ® is a unique spectacle mount: can be adjusted in relation to almost all parameters and, therefore, fits the shape of any head and face. It is extremely lightweight, comfortable to wear and combinable with all Binocular HR, HRP and HR-C. In the S-Guard, with glasses, eye protection, S-Frame can also be used with headband Professional L and Lightweight.

    * The comfort, thanks to a modern and ergonomic design. Comfortable goggles that fit perfectly into any form of head and face to provide maximum comfort. The mounting pressure does not exercise, do not press or slip.
    * Individual adaptation. TM KYNETIUM pins slip surface, adjustable and editable form in all directions. Flexible nose bridge, which can be deformed and fixed with a silicone coating that provides maximum comfort and stability. The silicone nosepiece is pleasant to the skin and is suitable for all types of nose and face. It also prevents the glasses from slipping.
    * Light weight (24g). Thanks to manufacture high-tech materials.
    * The latest technologies and innovative materials. The saddle pins S carbon-aluminum alloy frame (KYNETIUM TM) and magnesium have a very low weight, silicon provides a high elasticity, and titanium, greater robustness.
    * Protective glass high strength polycarbonate. The side windows provide optimum eye protection also in conjunction with a headband. Interchangeable crystals are available in two sizes, are resistant to scratching and have excellent visual acuity. Patent has been requested.
    * Use of corrective lenses. They can also be optionally purchased for special mounts corrective lenses, which are easily set using a ClipOn.
    * Optical beam. The lens can easily tilt inward and outward in the visual field. The support is compatible Binocular Binocular with all HR / HRP and HR-C.
    * Wide range of accessories. Crystals, liquid cleaner, nose pads, spare kit.

I-View ® HEINE / Support rotatable magnifying

The i-View allows an optimum and individual adjustment of Binocular, both in exact adaptation to the interpupillary distance as well as the continuously variable adjustment of the angle of inclination of the lens at the optimum distance to the eye.
This guarantees a relaxed working posture with a comfortable and ergonomic.
As an option can also be attached LED lighting (LED LoupeLight) directly in support of magnifiers. You can move the lamp and the binocular lens separately.
If you do not need an increase during the test can turn up without binocular microscope modified car made preset. The lighting is unchanged focusing on the precise point where the light is. Where necessary you can replace the binocular magnifier exactly the initial position, ie, retain all the presets.

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