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Pannband OMEGA 500 Utan ljusstyrkeinställning

32000 kr


Product description

Indirect ophthalmoscope front hull HEINE OMEGA 500 ® Xenon Halogen lamp (5 W) with headband


The evolution of binocular indirect ophthalmoscope. ”Setting synchronized convergence and parallax patented a fundus view high-quality stereoscopic eyes of any size.

– Although based on the optical market leader OMEGA 180, the OMEGA 500 has been optimized to create an even better view of the fundus. A lighting system of multi-coated with the new technology of halogen bulbs Xenon XHL ejos reduces corneal refl and ensures a clear vision of high-resolution fundus with a brightness up to 100% higher.

– Improved performance in smaller pupils – the patented system of synchronized adjustment of convergence and parallax (U.S. Patent 4,684,227), which allows a precise selection of optics and lighting tion observed at any pupil size has been optimized for get even better functionality in smaller pupils up to 1.0 mm.

– Design protected.

Technical data:
– The release levers and adjust the fi lters: You can ”lock” in the desired position. They also have a ”slipping clutch” mechanism to protect against bumps when they are in the ”blocked”.
– Distance between eyes: Increase the range of 46-74 mm.
– Soft-touch Surface: The main adjustment controls have soft surface design for better control and more precise.

HEINE OMEGA 500 ® Headband

– The hinged headband allows for vertical adjustment of the rear of headband for a custom installation. A secure fit for all head shapes and sizes.
– New ergonomically designed for optimal weight distribution across the sur face of the headband (no pressure points).
– The precise positioning of the headband guarantee the accuracy of the horizontal orientation and alignment of optics.
– The cables built into the headband eliminate the usual ”tangle of cables” between the instrument and the headband.
– Design protected.

Technical data:
– Control of brightness HC 50 Headband: Can be easily mounted on the left or right side of the headband.
– Support integrated optical tilt: To move outside the line of sight can be mounted to the left or right side of the headband. The lens can be tilted and locked at an angle of 0 °, 12.5 °, 47.5 ° and 60 °.
– Mechanically enhanced adjustment mechanisms: For durability and precise adjustment of the headband.