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  /    /  Medicinsk teknik, Ultraljud  /  US50 Terapiutrustning med ultraljud med dubbel frekvens

US50 Terapiutrustning med ultraljud med dubbel frekvens

24100 kr

US50 Terapiutrustning med ultraljud med dubbel frekvens.

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Product description

MAC1252 – US50


Power adjustable from 0 to 2 W cm2 in continuous mode and 0-3 W/cm2 pulsed mode.
1 Channel
Display 240×64 DPI
20 stored programs
10 programs to save
Armed with a multi-head 1 / 3 Mhz
With Station 5 cm2 area

  •  ACC 526: Head TV1 multifrequency 1-3 MHz ultrasound with station area 1cm2.
  • ACC 529: TV3 Head multifrequency 1-3 MHz ultrasound with station area 3cm2.
  •  ACC 528: 1-3 Head TV5 Multi-Mhz ultrasound with station area 5cm2.
  •  ACC 527: Head TV8 multifrequency 1-3 MHz ultrasound with station area 8cm2.
  • ACC 605: BO-U pantograph arm or for stationary applications with predispositions for anchoring a car Cr3 series.
  • The arm or pantograph, predisposed to connect the TV series heads allows the use of ultrasound in applications that do not require a massage (massage that in normal use is made with the head.)
  •  ACC 666: Kit ”Bolus d’acqua” for the arm used for the treatment orthostatic fixed. The kit improves the transfer processing of ultrasound when used orthostatic arm in fixed applications. The transducer is inserted into a container filled with gel, transferring energy to the patient.
  •  ACC 624: Cable link for connection to line therapia electrotherapy equipment. This cable interconnected between a serious electrotherapy equipment and ultrasonic therapia 1500-1300-1100 and U.50 model allows simultaneous dispensing of ultrasound and electric currents through the applicator head ultrasound.
  •  The use of accessories can expand the scope of use of ultrasound equipment consisting perform:
  •  1. Treatments to contact Mobile: the most used. The treatment area is grease smeared with ointment, petroleum jelly or a conductive gel allows better transmission of the ultrasound beam through the skin.
  •  2. Treatments fixed direct contact: the head-applicator, is maintained fixed for the duration of the session on the treatment area vehiculante smeared half.
  •  3. Underwater indirect contact treatments: this is done by immersing the part to be treated in a vessel containing water applicator head, is immersed in water a short distance from the part to be treated and is moved parallel to the latter.
  •  4. Combination therapy (bipolar technique): in this case the team predisposed AROG Ultrasonic contemporary, using the metal surface of the applicator head, an impulsive current analgesic effect at low and medium frequency.
Supplied accessories
Supplied accessories ”! 1100 1300-2100-US50 1500 2500
Power-Cable! 1 1 1 1
-Manual! 1 1 1 1
Fuses 2 x 630 mA-T 2 x 630 mA-T 2 x 630 mA-T 2 x 630 mA-T
1Mhz 5 cm2-head! 1
1/3Mhz 5 cm2-head! 1 2 2
Orthostatic-Arm! 2100:01:00 2

    * The series ”Ultrasonic” represents a step forward in the field of ultrasound therapy. Thanks to the advanced technology of today, it is possible to use a computer constantly updated and capable of performing functions that will be available in the coming years.
    * The applicator head has been completely reingenierizada to achieve high performance coupled with maximum protection for the operator’s hands during the actual work are axpuestos to radiation scattered by the applicator head.

Functions of the applicator head
  •  Prevents the operator can come achieved by the ultrasound energy coffee dispenser.
  •  It is an instrument light, ergonomic and user friendly.
  •  Brogan maximum power permitted by applicable law, in the double frequency of 1 and 3 Mhz.
  •  It is waterproof so as to allow treatment to be inside than out of water.
  • This has a sensor that activates the energy in the presence of an optimum contact with the part to be treated, noting the issue by turning on a light blue.
  • It is self-calibrating, thus ensuring the best delivery time without adjustment.
1100-1300-2100 1500-2500 US50
Food Network ”! 230 Vcm, 50-60Hz, + / -10% 230 Vcm, 50-60Hz, + / -10% 230 Vcm, 50-60Hz, + / -10%
Maximum power consumption ”! 40 VA 70 VA 40 VA
Backlit LCD screen for viewing and control of operating parameters 320×240 DPI graphic! 320×240 DPI graphic! 4×20 alphanumeric characters
Time-Programmable treatment! 1-30 minutes ”! 1-30 minutes”! 1-30 minutes
Operating Frequency 1100: a 1300-2100 MHz: 1 / 3 Mhz Third-Mhz! Third Mhz
Class-treatment! I type BF I type BF I type BF
Hazard Class (93/42/EEC) IIB IIB IIB
Degree of protection of the liquid IPXO IPXO IPXO
Heads IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
-Output channels! 1 Two-indeendientes! 1
Peak power continuous 2 W/cm2 + / – 20% 2 W/cm2 + / – 20% 2 W/cm2 + / – 20%
Peak power-notebook! 3 W/cm2 + / – 20% 3 W/cm2 + / – 20% 3 W/cm2 + / – 20%
Peak voltage 100 V 100 V 100 V
Ayolo-Duty! 10% – 90% 10% – 90% 10% – 90%
Stored-program! 100 -? 100 20
Programs stored in internal memory ”! 200 -? 200
Programs stored in the memory-card! 200 -? 200
Head with touch sensor auto ** ** **
Automatic head ** **
BNR heads with low-self-calibrating !** ** **
Water-resistant heads !** ** **
Possibility of software upgrade !** **
Electro ** ** ** Connection
Connecting external voice ** ** module
Peso 1100-1300: 3.5 kg / kg-2100:26! 1500:3,5 kg / 2500:-26kg! 3.5 kg
Size 1100-1300: 39x14x30 cm / 2100: 39x86x31cm 1500: 39x14x30 cm / 2500: 39x86x31cm 39x14x30 cm
Using hardware and software in memory: physiology and effects on human tissues:
  •  The application of ultrasonic to human tissues resulting in a massaging action and intercellular cell with high frequency. Irradiated with ultrasound tissue entering turn on vibrate, with the consequent effect of energetic expenditure and heat production. In these demonstrations actually summarizes the biological effects of ultrasound, referred to as the mechanical effect and effect diathermy:
  • The mechanical effect: It is developed through rhythmic compression and decompression of the tissues. The particles in a tissue subjected to the vibrating beam are alternately applied all the acceleration and speed.
  •  The mechanism diathermy: As the sound propagates through the tissue is absorbed and converted into heat.
  •  The temperature distribution produced by ultrasound in tissue is unique among all forms of deep heating: this determines in fact a relatively small increase in temperature on the surface of the tissues and provides a greater chance to penetrate the muscles and regarding soft tissue produced with microwave diathermy or short wave.
  •  Neural effect: it is linked to the influence of ultrasound on the autonomic nervous system. Different tissues absorb ultrasound in different ways: the soft tissues to attenuate frequency of 1 MHz radiation 1 db / cm, ie between 15 and 30 mm of tissue coming energy absorbed by half and reduced intensity approx. Half the initial value.

    * Osteoarthritis of the knees
    * Osteoarthritis of the small joints
    * Periarticular Calcifications
    * Keloid scars with evolution
    * Enteropathies
    * E. di Dupuytrien
    * Shoulder Periarthritis
    * Carpal tunnel syndrome in early stage
    * Anquilopotética (E. Di Bachtorow)
    * Implications of post-operative spine emilaminoctomía
    * Heel spur syndrome
    * Syndrome Johanson Sinding-Larson
    * Consequences of delayed union fractures
    * PEFS (cellulitis)
    * Osteoarthritis of the spine
    Bursitis *
    * Cervicobraquialgia
    * Bruising muscle
    Epicondylitis *
    * Hip Periarthritis
    * Sciatica and neuritis
    * Espondilocartritis
    * Tendinitis
    * Varicose Ulcers
    * Tendinosis
    * Osgood-Schlatter Syndrome