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Färgdoppler Ultraljud S40

394000 kr


Product description

This unit combines the new SonoScape revolutionary platform with the latest technologies in the field of ultrasound imaging, and adds a spectacular ergonomic design. For these reasons, it is the new benchmark product of SonoScape's S series, a category that elevates imaging quality to an extraordinary level in order to meet the most demanding requirements.

* This product is supplied without any probe. In the "Optional probes" section, you will find a list of compatible transducers.


  • LCD Monitor 19" HDTV with a wide viewing angle.
  • Touchscreen 10" high definition with 15° adjustable angle.
  • Adjustable height and position control panel with mute function.
  • Five probe sockets and one for CW transducers.
  • Support for intracavitary probe (not included).
  • Compatible with a wide range of probes (not included): linear, convex, micro-convex, intracavitary, phased, intraoperative, TEE, pencil probes, volumetric, Endocavity 4D and laparoscopic probes.
  • CD / DVD-RW recorder.
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports.
  • 320G hard drive.
  • ECG module.
  • Dimensions: 99.7 (L) x 68.4 (W) x 151.7 cm (H).
  • Net weight: 150 kg approximately.
  • Gross weight: 160 kg.

Clinical applications:

  • Fetal imaging.
  • Abdominal.
  • Pediatric.
  • Small organs (breasts, testes, thyroid).
  • Cephalic (neonatal and adult).
  • Transrectal.
  • Transvaginal.
  • Peripheral vascular.
  • Musculo-skeletal (conventional and superficial).
  • Cardiologic (neonatal and adult).
  • Obstetrics / gynecology.
  • Urological.

Technical data:

Imaging modes:

  • B / 2B / 4B / M.
  • THI.
  • CFM.
  • PDI / DirPDI.
  • PW.
  • HRPF.
  • CW.
  • Harmonic inversion pulse.
  • Trapezoidal.
  • Panoramic.
  • Composed.
  • Freehand 3D image.


  • Technology for 2D speckle reduction.
  • Multi-beam technology.
  • Advanced cardiovascular Kit (TDI / Color M / IMT, Steer M).
  • DICOM 3.0: Transmission / task list / printing.
  • Eco stress.
  • M-tuning (image optimization button).

Optional probes:

  • 307-TL742-S40: L742 linear probe 192 elements. 4-16 MHz / R38 mm (vascular, small organs, musculo-skeletal, etc.). Only for S40.
  • 307-TL752-S40: L752 linear probe 256 elements. 4-16 MHz / R52 mm (vascular, small organs, musculo-skeletal, etc.). Only for S40.
  • 307-TC354-S40: C354 convex probe 128 elements. 2-6.8 MHz / R50 mm (abdominal, obstetric, gynecological). Only for S40.
  • 307-TC353-S40: C353 convex probe 192 elements. 2-6.8 MHz / R55 mm (abdominal, obstetric, gynecological). Only for S40.
  • 307-TC322-S40: C322 convex probe 72 elements. 2-6.8 MHz / R20 mm (abdominal biopsy). Only for S40.
  • 307-TC611-S40:  C611 micro-convex probe 128 elements. 4-13 MHz / R11 mm (cardiology, pediatric). Only for S40.
  • 307-T3P1-S40: 3P1 phased array probe 80 elements. 1-6 MHz (cardiology, transcranial). Only for S40.
  • 307-T5P2-S40: 5P2 phased array probe 96 elements. 3-9 MHz (cardiology, transcranial, pediatric). Only for S40.
  • 307-T8P1-S40: 8P1 phased array probe 96 elements. 6-16 MHz (cardiology, transcranial, pediatric). Only for S40.
  • 307-T6V3-S40: 6V3 intracavitary probe 192 elements. 3-15 MHz / R10 mm (gynecology, obstetrics, urology). Only for S40.
  • 307-T10I2-S40: 10I2 linear probe 96 elements. 4-16 MHz / R25 mm (intra-operative). Only for S40.
  • 307-TVC62-S40: convex volumetric probe VC6-2. 2-6.8 MHz / R40mm (obstetric, gynecological, abdominal). Only for S40.
  • 307-TMPTEEMINI-S40: mini MPTEE transesophageal probe. 4-8.2 MHz (cardiology, pediatric). Only for S40.

Optional biopsy guides:

  • 307-BGL742-S40: Biopsy guide for L742 probe (307-TL742-S40). Only for S40.
  • 307-BGL752-S40: Biopsy guide for L752 probe (307-TL752-S40). Only for S40.
  • 307-BG3P1-S40: Biopsy guide for 3P1 probe (307-T3P1-S40). Only for S40.
  • 307-BGC353-S40: Biopsy guide for C353 probe (307-TC353-S40). Only for S40.
  • 307-BG6V3RE-S40: Biopsy guide reusable probe 6V3 (307-T6V3-S40). Made of metal. Only for S40.

Optional modules:

  • 307-LIVE3D-S40: live 3D (4D) for obstetrics. Only for S40.
  • 307-ELASTOGRAP-S40: Elastography. Only for S40.
  • 307-CONTRASTIM-S40: Contrast image. Only for S40.