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  /    /  Blodtrycksmätare, Blodtrycksmätare – Överarm, Diagnostik  /  Digital dubbel blodtrycksmätare, ankel-arm-index Microlife WatchBP Office ABI

Digital dubbel blodtrycksmätare, ankel-arm-index Microlife WatchBP Office ABI

40700 kr


Product description

Professional Dual Digital Tensiometer blood pressure measuring ankle-brachial index.
Microlife. WatchBP Office ABI.

  • The Office WatchBP ABI is an automatic blood pressure measurement in consultation professionally validated, which can evaluate the ankle-brachial index (ABI, Ankle Brachial Index) quickly and accurately.
  • Ankle-brachial index. The ankle-brachial index (ABI, Ankle Brachial Index) is the relationship between blood pressure in the lower legs and blood pressure in the arms. Lower blood pressure in the leg than the arm indicates that the arteries are blocked (peripheral arterial disease). The ankle-brachial index is a simple and reliable method to diagnose peripheral arterial disease.
  • Currently, the ankle-brachial index is usually determined by a Doppler device. However, the measurement with a Doppler machine is time consuming, and requires a more skilled observer. To improve and facilitate the detection of peripheral arterial disease, Microlife WatchBP Office has developed the ABI. With this device validated, it can determine the ankle-brachial index in an accurate and considerably faster than with a Doppler machine. Another advantage of WatchBP Office ABI, compared with the Doppler machine is that measurements are made simultaneously, and the method has much less influence of the observer.
  • THE CARDIOVASCULAR SCREENING FINAL enabled devices. While the Office WatchBP ABI measurement emphasizes the ankle-brachial index, this device has more important tools for detecting cardiovascular risk factors. Just as the WatchBP Office and the Office WatchBP AFib, this model comes with double cuff, to make simultaneous measurements of both arms to detect differences between them. If the device is used in Screen mode (detection), can detect the presence of atrial fibrillation.
  • Unique double cuff to take practical action and simultaneous blood pressure in both arms to determine the difference between arms.
  • Pressing a single button, the device performs automatically replicate measurements according to the guidelines while evaluating the existence of AF.
  • ABI measurement quick, easy and reliable. Detection of peripheral arterial disease without Doppler.
Differences between office WatchBP ABI and Doppler machine:
Technical specifications:
Operating temperature-humidity! 10 to 40 ° C / 50 to 104 ° F
Temperature conservación/humedad -20 To 55 ° C (-4 to 131 ° F)
– App 15 – 90% maximum relative humidity
Weight 1100 g (including rechargeable battery pack)
Dimensions 200 x 125 x 90 mm
Measurement Method Oscillometric as Korotkoff
Measuring range 30 to 280 mmHg – blood pressure
  40 to 200 beats per minute – pulse
Cuff pressure display Range: 0 – 299 mmHg
  Resolution: 1 mmHg
  Precision static pressure within ± 3 mmHg or 2% of reading> 200 mmHg
  Precision Pulse: ± 5% of reading
Current-source! Rechargeable Battery Pack, 4.8V mAh C4000
  Adapter 7.5V, 2 A
Reference to standards: