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  /    /  Autoklaver och sterilisering, Ultraljudsbad  /  Multifunktions ultraljudsrengörare Sonica SAM 3 L med USB

Multifunktions ultraljudsrengörare Sonica SAM 3 L med USB

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Product description

Multifunction ultrasound cleaner Sonica SAM 3


Model Reference Dimensions Capacity Useful capacity Dimensions Power Dry cycle Heat desinfection USB
Basic 284-0900240001 300 x 340 x 150mm 9,5L 7,5L 405 x 540 x 510mm 1600W YES NO NO
3L 284-0900240002 300 x 340 x 150mm 9,5L 7,5L 405 x 540 x 510mm 1600W YES YES YES


A truly innovative and safe system for patients and users in a single application.
Ultrasonic washing with automatic dosage of detergent / disinfectant, multiple rinse cycles with water supply , dry cycle at 85 ° C , special disinfection cycle at 93 ° C for 3 minutes  (only for SAM Sonica 3L , ref. 284 -0900240002) , drying cycle and USB output (only for Sonica SAM 3L , ref. 284-0900240002) with data on treatment cycles of surgical instruments in a single application.

It strictly respects all stages envisaged by the treatment protocol for surgical instruments before sterilisation.
It reduces risks while handling infected instruments.
The insertion of a specific password by a health responsible, avoids contact with the installed features.

  • Ventilation system integrated in the lid.
  • Spray nozzles for multiple rinse cycles.
  • Filling of detergent / disinfectant .
  • Innovative dry system at 85 ° C .
  • Heat disinfection cycle at 93 ° C for 3 minutes. (Only for Sonica SAM 3L , ref. 284-0900240002)
  • Multiple automatic rinse system (patented and registered) .
  • Stainless steel container 9.5 L.
  • Hose for liquid outlet, with drain pump.
  • Connexion to running water.
  • USB port. (Only for Sonica SAM 3L, ref. 284-0900240002)
  • Big LCD display with touch screen.
  • Stainless steel structure .

Work cycle:

  1. Ultrasound cleansing.Sweep System technology.
  2. Automatic cycle of multiple pressure rinsing. Patented system. Sonica SAM 3L (ref. 284-0900240002) ensures a residue of anionic detergent lower than 01µg/L.
  3. Automatic cycle of heat desinfection at 93°C during 3 minutes. Minimum value A0 3500.
  4. Special dry cycle. Innovating and patented Soltec system.


  • Automatic: the surgical instrument is clean, decontaminated, rinsed ,thermally disinfected and dried ; all in a single use.
  • Safe: all phases are carried out with clean water, avoiding any contamination risk.
  • USB (Only for Sonica SAM 3L, ref. 284-0900240002): USB output for recording the instrumental traceability process.
  • Effective: Ensures better results thanks to ultrasounds and to 'Sweep System ' technology. Each instrument reprocessing stage is controlled by a microprocessor of 32 bits.
  • Inexpensive:  It reduces time and overall costs. It only uses 60ml of detergent / disinfectant per cycle.

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