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  /    /  Arbets- och skyddskläder, Träskor  /  Träsko med kardborreband och halskydds-sula Storlek 35

Träsko med kardborreband och halskydds-sula Storlek 35

440 kr450 kr

Träsko med halkskydd, för personer som tillbringar många timmar om dagen stående, som sjukvårdspersonal, mm.

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Product description

  • English shoe with tab adjustment system closed by Velcro instep.
  • Manufacturing system mounted to palmilla cut and pasted to sole.
  • Reference 25,700 R.
  • Straight, that is, its longitudinal axis will always pass through the midline of the foot, which is located on the second toe.
  • Rounded toe and wide enough, with its inner side is straighter than its outer side.
  • Material box-calf leather pore thickness 1,4-1,6 mm.
  • Pala perforated for breathability thousand points of the foot.
  • Reinforced thermoplastic toe with cap.
  • Trimmed edges of skin with slip of 16 mm wide.
  • Closure System in a 42 mm wide strip of white hair with Velcro 45 mm wide and 30 mm velcro skewer.
  • Tongue inside to protect the instep from chafing.
  • Textile Lining velor white foam of 3 mm and hair were white, breathable and absorbent.
  • Strengthening reference back to 1080 miborlan buttress 45 of both sides.
  • Couture striped heel.
  • Stitch stitching normal tone nylon thread.
  • Pala high in the front of the shoe that covers the region that collects metatarsal and toes to avoid chafing and providing greater comfort.
  • Lustral gloss finish SL/703 packaged.
  • Ecoplant insole of 2 mm thick sweat resistant and washing.
  • Latex insoles with antibacterial treatment of the prestigious BAYER, breathable and absorbent and is also preventing the formation of fungus in the foot.
  • KONTRY skid sole and functional with a coefficient of friction above 0.5 it becomes a safety shoes.
  • Outsole specially designed to improve grip the ground to increase friction and prevent slipping and / or possible injury, developed in collaboration with experts from the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia). Patented design.
  • Designed with all biomechanical knowledge of the institute has achieved a trace contaminants dispersed in the case there and an increase in real contact area and anchorage between shoe and floor.
  • Its design meets the safety criteria and functional features:
  • Shape of the heel at right angles to 5 mm.
  • Contact area of the heel that allows for proper stabilization of lateral foot.
  • Drawing taco appropriately inclined with excellent grain and hardness.
  • Area of front and rear brake to decrease the risk of fall by slippage.
  • Area outsole flex lines to promote flexion of the forefoot at toe-off, reducing the fatigue associated with walking.
  • Channels dispersing pollutants.
  • Break for easy toe off the foot during walking, reducing muscle fatigue while reducing the risk of fall by tripping.
  • Sole composed of a polyurethane formulation with a coefficient of friction is seen after the tests to which has undergone a secure sole presenting property of energy absorption in the heel cushioning the impact and recovery of its position initial (athletic shoe technology).


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