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  /    /  Anatomiska modeller, Skelett  /  85 cm skelett med nerver och blodkärl

85 cm skelett med nerver och blodkärl

1150 kr

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Product description

Skeleton with nerves and blood vessels. 85 cm.

Areas of use:

  • The model is designed as a visual aid for teaching physiology and hygiene courses. It depicts the position, course and distribution of main arteries and peripheral nerves of the human body.


On the left half of the skeleton, the course and distribution of the systemic arteries and spinal nerves are depicted. The left common carotid and subclavian arteries arising from the aortic arch and supplying branches to the left side of head and neck are shown. In the upper limb, the axillobrachial arterial trunk is extension of the subclavian artery. Below the elbow, the brachial artery dividing into radial and ulnar arteries are well depicted. The descending aorta divides into right and left common iliac arteries at its lower end, common iliac artery divides into internal iliac artery to the pelvis and external iliac artery extending into lower limb-femoropopliteal artery. Below the knee the popliteal artery divides into the posterior and anterior tibial arteries.

The external features of the brain and part of spinal cord as well as their relation to the cranial cavity are shown after removal of calvaria. The cervical, brachial, lumbar and sacral plexuses as well as their main branches to the upper and lower limbs are depicted.


  • The model is made of PVC plastic.


  • 85 cm.