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Simulator PICC Portabel

19900 kr


Product description

Model that allows us to practice the skills required for the insertion of a central peripheral catheter (PICC).
Peter PICC is a portable, lightweight, anatomically correct, with superior vena cava, subclavian, jugular, median basilic veins, basilic and cephalic.
Mobile chin simulates occlusion of jugular vein. The ribs are palpable and can measure the appropriate length of the catheter insertion site to the second intercostal space and confirmation of correct placement of the distal catheter into the superior vena cava visible.
You can also practice standard IV catheter placement in the main veins, which are barely visible through the transparent skin of the arm.
Includes neck, chin, right arm, ribs, muscle, skin, arm, body skin, game arm veins, the superior vena cava, fluid bag with a tube and a bag with an extra bag of supplies.


5962-R18802A: Replacement leather for the arm.
5962-R18802B: Set of veins of the arm (median Basilica, Basilica and cephalic)
5962-R18802C: Replacement of body skin.
5962-R18802D: Set of veins of the body.
5962-R18802E: Muscle tissue.
5962-R18802F: Spare rib.