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  /    /  Anatomiska modeller, Övningsdockor - Hjärt- och lungräddning  /  Simulator RCP PRACTI-MAN vuxen och barn, pack med 4 st Med transportväska

Simulator RCP PRACTI-MAN vuxen och barn, pack med 4 st Med transportväska

7110 kr7560 kr

Simulator RCP PRACTI-MAN vuxen och barn, pack med 4 st.


Product description

1. Basic CPR simulator PRACTI-MAN , two simulators in one.
Apart from the standard characteristics of a CPR manikin, Practi-Man offers a double function (adult and child simulator) thanks to the selector located in the manikin's back. It helps you save money and storage room.
2. The selector permits to choose between training on adults and training on children. In both positions, the “click” sound helps you check the correct compression depth. Practi-Man meets the Guidelines 2010. The selector offers a third position called “Neutral”. This position allows to check the acquired skills without a clicking sound and without depth limit .
3. Breathing function.
The Practi-Man breathing system permits to perform the most real-like training on the market. The Practi-Man nose is connected to the valve and the lung which allows a complete CPR training.
In a real situation, it is necessary to close the nose with your fingers in order to perform a rescue breathing. Practi-Man nose offers this function. The nose must stay blocked and the head tilted backwards so that the lung can be filled with air and the chest lifted. This occurs thanks to the valve that makes part of the system. The breathing valve is located in the back section of the neck and is connected to the lung. The valve system is exclusive and permits that the air goes through the mouth to the lung. Last but not least, the valve features a non-return system, which means that once the air is blowed by the student, it does not come back to the mouth allowing to perform a safer training and avoiding cross-infections. The fixation system of the lung to the torso helps maintain the lung extended during the operation.
4.Practi-Man accessories are easy and fast to install. The transport bag for Practi-Man simulators includes a pad to help CPR training.
Product made in Spain under the European standards and with TÜV certificate.
Practi-Man is sold across Europe and in countries such as USA, Corea, Brasil, Japan or Mexico.


  • Latex-free
  • PRACTI-MAN dimensions : 52.5 x 29.9 x 17.8 cm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg

Each PRACTI-MAN includes:

  • 5 lungs and 2 spare valves.
  • User's manual: assembly/dissasembly, usage and cleaning recommendations.


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