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  /    /  Anatomiska modeller, Muskultur - Helkropp och överkropp  /  Figur med muskler, bisex demonterbar i 45 delar

Figur med muskler, bisex demonterbar i 45 delar

94000 kr


Product description

Anatomical model with muscles, dual sex, 45 pieces.


With a height of 4.5 feet / 138 cm, this human replica of 3 / 4 natural size shows in detail the deep and superficial human musculature in addition to the major nerves, vessels, tissues and organs. The figure can be disassembled into 45 pieces to reveal the fundamental interrelationships of human morphology. The top of the skull can be removed to see the 3-pieces brain. It is possible to look beneath the liver to observe the gallbladder and bile duct. The interior of the appendix, stomach, lungs, heart or kidney are represented as well. This model allows to remove and see details of 13 different muscles of arms and legs. This dual sex version has interchangeable genital inserts and a female mammary gland. 662 anatomical structures such as muscles, vessels, nerves and organs, numbered and identified on an attached sheet in several languages. Hand-painted in realistic colours and mounted on a rolling base. It includes the following removable parts:

  • 5 muscles of arm / shoulder
  • 8 muscles of legs / hip
  • 5-piece head with brain
  • 2-pieces lung
  • 2-pieces heart
  • 2-pieces stomach
  • 2-pieces Intestinal system
  • 2-pieces female and 4-pieces male genitalia inserts 
  • Removable breast and stomach cover, head, arms and legs for in-depth study
  • Over 600 hand-numbered and identified structures.