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  /    /  Anatomiska modeller, Muskultur - Helkropp och överkropp  /  Asiatisk bisex figur, 39 delar Asiatisk

Asiatisk bisex figur, 39 delar Asiatisk

102000 kr


Product description

Asian full body shape double sex, 39 parts

This model faithfully reproduces natural size human anatomical structures in detail. It is therefore a valuable educational material for schools of medicine. The right half shows the skin and the left half shows the superficial and deep muscles with nerves, vessels and bony structures. This model also features playback of internal organs in a very aesthetic and precise on all sides.


Dissects into:
• head in two places
• cerebral hemisphere
• M. sternocleidomastoid
• Muscle Arm, 6 parts (detachable: deltoid M., M. biceps brachii, M. triceps brachii, M. palmar carpi M. minor, M. brachioradialis with external M.radial)
• Thigh in 5 parts (detachable: M. sartorius, M. gluteus maximus, M. rectus femoris, M. biceps femoris chap. I. M. semitendinosus)
• Leg in two parts (detachable: Ms. twins)
• abdominal and thoracic wall with detachable mammary glands
• Torso with arm and leg skin
• Lung into 2 halves
• Heart in two parts
• Liver with gall bladder
• Stomach into two parts
• Middle kidney
• 4-part intestinal Package
• female genital with embryo into 3 parts
• male genital in 4 parts
The educational program included ANATOMYtrainer ™ and 3B
3B MUSCLEtrainer ™ on CD-Rom and a CD-Rom with pictures and comments on each of the structures. The provision includes a movable wooden support and instructions to build the model.


174 cm

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