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  /    /  Anatomiska modeller, Kranium - Klassiska  /  Kranium delux för utbildning, 7 delar BONElike

Kranium delux för utbildning, 7 delar BONElike

19700 kr

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Product description

BONElike ™ Skull – Didactic Deluxe Skull, 7 part

BONElike ™ The new 3B Scientific ® Skull are made of a new material that allows anatomic structures to give an absolutely real in every detail. Bones made of 3B BONElike ™ look real, have an absolutely natural feel and weigh almost the same as the actual bones.


This skull extraordinary and valuable anatomical clarifies all doubts. The possibility of knowing the half transparent structures of the skull and bone marrow in half, makes this skull has a high educational interest. In the right half of the skull transparent can be recognized from outside the location of the sinuses, which are colored to distinguish the maxillary sinuses (yellow), ethmoidal cells (orange), frontal sinus (green), sphenoidal sinus (purple). Also represented are colored blood sinuses and arteries of the neck and face, within the dura mater (blue), A. carotid, A. external carotid, A. internal carotid artery and the branch of A. meningeal (red). One half of the brain, also visible through the cranial vault, shows the areas related to the brain and over the breasts. Through the transparent jaw and teeth are rooted. The teeth can be removed one by one. The jaw is movable to demonstrate the movements of mastication. The skull is mounted on a removable cervical spine on both sides of the cranial vault, the left half of the skull base, nasal septum, the complete mandible and half of the brain.


18 x 18 x 34 cm
WEIGHT: 0.86 kg