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  /    /  Akutvårdsmaterial, Halskrage, Immobilisering och splintar  /  Uppblåsbara spjälor Kit Eco Air Splint Bag utan fack

Uppblåsbara spjälor Kit Eco Air Splint Bag utan fack

1500 kr


Product description

Inflatable splints Kit Air Splint.


Versatile and easy to use, the Spencer Air Splint are used to immobilize leg or arm fractures with a uniform pressure around the limb to ensure stability and comfort for the patient.

A distinctive feature of inflatable splints is the zipper, made on a flexible plastic support that allows ultrasonic weld on a PVC film. This production process gives the splint a strong and durable seal.

A thorough selection of materials makes Spencer Air Splint extremely light, hypoallergenic and transparent to monitor the injury. The pressure in the air chamber is adjustableby inflating or by venting the air through the same valve. They are compatible with radiographic examinations.

  • The valve is in a comfortable position for inflating distal; can be folded to place the patient on the stretcher.
  • The zipper and the opaline material are made in PVC, welded with high frequency to guarantee a resistant closure.
  • The PVC film used in every size of the inflatable splints has a consistent thickness to its internal surface and finely embossed to reduce the release of the beginning of inflation.

The Kit contains:

  • Three splints of different sizes for the arm.
  • Three splints of different sizes for the leg.
  • Bag made of durable anti fracture material to contain the splints. 2 models:

    • Ref. 953-QS24200:  basic bag (w/o compartments).
    • Ref. 953-QS24202:  bag w/ individuals compartments for the splints.

Technical features:

Dimensions: 330x50xh420
Weight: 1.5 kg
Working temperature: -10+60 ºC
Storage temperatura: -20+60 ºC