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LifeVac emergencia en asfixia por atragantamiento

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Product description

LifeVac is a revolutionary device designed so that any user can act quickly in case of choking emergency, once the standard protocol has been applied with no results.

  • Pediatric (from 18 kg) or adult use.


  • Minimal suction time.
  • The device is lightweight and space saving.
  • General use:

    • It can be used with pregnant women, obese individuals, elderly people or people in wheelchairs —cases in which the Heimlich maneuver may be contraindicated or ineffective.

LifeVac should be available in:

  • Health centers.
  • Primary care centers.
  • Nursing homes.
  • Homes.
  • Ambulances.
  • Sports centers, cinemas and other public or private leisure spaces.
  • Educational centers.
  • Airports, ships, planes …
  • Hotels.
  • Department stores.
  • Sport clubs.
  • Stadiums, courts, etc.
  • Trains, buses and underground.
  • Beaches.
  • Bars and restaurants.
  • Police stations and fire stations.
  • Residential complexes.
  • Work centers.

Instructions in case of choking:

In case of a choking emergency …

  • Encourage the victim to cough.
  • If coughing is not effective, give 5 slaps on the victim's back.
  • If the obstruction persists, perform 5 abdominal compressions.
  • Should the previous measures be ineffective, use LifeVac:

    • Place it over the victim's nose and mouth.
    • Push down the handle / bellows.
    • Pull the handle.


  • 1 LifeVac device.
  • 1 medium adult mask (green plastic ring).
  • 1 small adult mask (yellow plastic ring).
  • 1 pediatric mask (white plastic ring) for children over 18 kg.
  • An information manual and instructions for use.
  • A quick guide to act in case of choking.