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Automatisk Brits Carrera Pro ProT låg

32700 kr


Product description

Automatic light stretcher with spine board Carrera Tec


New suspension system in the rear legs reprojected able to dampen vibration and noise from the ground before the patient is transferred. Greater stability, more precise cornering and a sweeter transport is obtained , even in rough terrain. The system is not an expensive option, but a standard feature across the range , as is the updated version of the load regulation system up your Carrera to adapt to any ambulance. The simplicity and perfection have reached new constructive and meaningful standards .

  • Innovation , technology and space utilization.
  • Harmonious design , no other table contains the spinal board.
  • There are two versions , high and low , designed and built entirely in Europe, to meet all the needs of those who rescues and not settle for any solution.
  • The Carrera stretcher includes two straps model 702 STX .
  • In the scenarios of the first international aid, spinal board has become essential.
  • Carrera Pro can accommodate a spinal board B- Bak in the space under the table.
  • The setting is practical and is obtained with pressure .


S:   Standard Modelo.
T:   Has the TRENDELENBURG position (possibility of anti shock position = lift the backing of the head).
TF: TRENDELENBURG y FOWLER (possibility of lifting backrest as the part of the supporting surface where the feet are)

Technical aracteristics:

Lenght: 1970 mm
Width: 570 mm
Weight: 32 kg
Capacity: 160 kg
Wheels: 200 mm
Brakes: Rear
Low version loading height: 500 to 650 mm
High version loading height: 590 to 740 mm