Magnetoterapi Veterinär

Magnet terapi veterinär utrustning MagnetoVet 4000

14,900 kr

Veterinary magnet therapy device MagnetoVet 4000. For small animals and horses. Features: Globus MagnetoVet 4000 is a powerful and versatile device for magnet therapy. Operated by battery or mains, MagnetoVet 4000 is perfect in any situation. It is aimed to treat many musculoskeletal pathologies (overloading or degenerative pathologies) in animals. Magnet therapy is based on the application … Läs mer

Magnet terapi vetrinär utrustning MagnetoVet 100

6,900 kr

MagnetoVet 100 veterinary magnet therapy device. For small animals and horses. Features: MagnetoVet 100 is based on the application of specific magnetic fields to the organism. Magnet therapy is used for the non-invasive treatment of illnesses that affect the musculoskeletal system and that provoke inflammation and pain. Its healing and regenerative action works on bones, muscles and skin. It … Läs mer