Sjukgymnastik - Material

Finger pad TFS 1 st

260 kr

PAD FOR SOLVING THE ”trigger finger” FEATURES: Trigger finger is a common problem that can cause pain or locking senssación in one or more fingers. TFS ellimina The pressure in the affected area, allowing you to easily resume their daily activities and gradually restored the fat pad that protects the area naturally. Usually trigger finger … Läs mer

Prostretch, Rehabilitering och Fitness dubbel

1,320 kr

Prostretch Apparatus for mobilization and stretching exercises in rehabilitation and fitness. Two different models:      Single: stretch unilaterally.      Double: bilateral exercises. Features:      Promotes rapid rehabilitation of the lower extremities. Increases flexibility and leg strength, Achilles tendon and plantar fascia.      Portable and easy to use. It has a mechanism that places the foot … Läs mer

Stepper med motor för träning av ben och armar Tecnovita

2,170 kr

Motorised stepper to exercise arms and legs, Tecnovita. Arm and legs exerciser for a flexible and progressive training to tone the muscles of arms and legs. Features: Speed setting up to 6 km/h. Front and back pedaling – you can pedal forwards and backwards. Integrated monitor, digital display with time indicator, distance, burned calories. Removable command … Läs mer

MSD Pedalier Deluxe III Oxycycle, aktiv/passiv träning

9,110 kr

Pedalier Deluxe III for arm and leg exercises. Characteristics: The MSD Oxycycle III is a great tool for personalized, low.stress workouts that can be used anywhere. The adjustable speed and resistance makes it a great product to progressively strengthen your arms and legs. Recommended for Active aan Passive training. This pedal exerciser provides low impact … Läs mer

Skoinlägg termoplast gel för högprestation Gel Trim to Fit S

400 kr

Complete insoles of high performance thermoplastic gel Gel Trim to Fit. Recommended for running, trekking, golf… Features: Restores 44% of the energy. Comfort for tired feet. Recommended for running, trekking, golf… Daily use. All types of footwear. Easy to cut for a perfect fit. Divided into 3 "areas", depending on density and functions: Stabilisation anatomical device: … Läs mer

Två tredjedels skoinlägg med plantarbåge Gaitors lindring av plantar fasciit XL

820 kr

Two thirds insoles with Gaitors arch for plantar fasciitis relief. Made of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial material. Features: Shocks absorption, fastening and protection. "Wafle" design. Lightweight and adaptable thanks to their mouldable carbon fibre arch. Relief of plantar fasciitis and spurs. Made of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial material. Waterproof. They reduce friction risk and avoid excess heat, being clean and fresh at all times. Sizes (correspondence with European … Läs mer

Gummi hälar för sportsligt bruk Heavy Duty Heel Cups L

330 kr

Sports rubber heel cups Heavy Duty Heel Cups. They absorb shocks and return impact energy just like the system naturally found in your feet. Features: The multi-cell, multi-layer “waffle” design absorbs shocks and returns impact energy just like the system naturally found in your feet. Upon impact, the waffle construction bears down and rotates with the normal … Läs mer

Hydromassage Pizarro för ben och fötter Hydromassage Pizarro

62,000 kr

Lower limbs whirlpool Pizarro Modern whirlpool PIZARRO is designed to allow treatments in the feet, ankles and legs area. The whirlpool massage is applied via wall-mounted jets with regulated direction of water stream flow. The standard model Pizarro includes a valve to adjust water aeration (passive pearl massage), a spoutless water filling system and a thermomixer facilitating … Läs mer

Hydromassage för händer, armar och axlar Castillo Hydromassage Castillo

79,500 kr

Castillo upper extremity whirlpool. The modern whirlpool Castillo is designed to allow treatment of hands, forearms and elbows. The whirlpool massage is applied via 10 wall-mounted jets. This low-capacity tank offers an excellent system for the treatment of the upper limbs. The built-in thermomixer allows to adjust water temperature. Optionally, this model can be equipped with an electronic … Läs mer

Bad för elektro behandling med fyra utrymmen TASMAN Tina TASMAN/E

131,000 kr

Tub for electrotherapeutic treatments TASMAN Electrotherapeutic treatments in the water produce beneficial effects on various systems (nervous, circulatory) of the human body. The four-cell tub allows to focus on a specific area of the body (lower or upper limbs). According to the indications, the therapist can set the polarity of the electrode located in each cell … Läs mer

Badkar för undervattensmassage T-MP UMW Automat Tina T-MP UWM Aut.

208,000 kr

T-MP UWM Automat tub for underwater massages. This underwater tub allows to perform a classic underwater massage. Thanks to the flotation and water temperature, the massage helps the patient to relax obtaining a more effective treatment. Optimum stimulation is achieved by proper adjustment of water stream when massaging from the distal to the proximal areas. An … Läs mer

Elektroterapeutisk badkar T-UWM/E Tina 350 I T-UWM/E

214,000 kr

T-UWM/E electrotherapeutic tub. The electrotherapeutic bath tub T-UWM/E allows to provide two different ways of treatment in water environment: Electrotherapy treatment. Underwater massage. Electrotherapeutic treatment in water has positive effect on various tissues and human body systems. It has influence on nervous system and improves blood circulation. The therapist can set polarity for each of … Läs mer

Vattenterapi tank hubbard T-MOT Tank T-MOT

299,000 kr

Hubbard T- MOT tank for hydrotherapy. The Hubbard Tank has long been used to allow patients requiring special care and individual attention from therapist to exercise in the water environment. Water provides a gentle resistance, helping patients to float and relax. The tank allows the patient to start rehabilitation even when he or she is too weak … Läs mer

Hydroterapi badkar, speciellt för ben och nedre ryggrad Kolumb Tina Kolumb

167,000 kr

Lower extremities and lumbar region whirlpool tub. The lower extremities and lumbar spine whirlpool KOLUMB is a very popular whirlpool model in rehabilitation centers, fitness clubs and wellness centers. The KOLUMB tub is used for whirlpool treatments of lower extremities and lumbar spine, pearl baths and chromotherapy. Ability to perform treatment both for lower extremities and … Läs mer

Badkar för undervattensmassage T-MP UWM Tina T-MP UWM

149,000 kr

T-MP UWM bathtub for underwater massage. This underwater massage tub allows to perform classic massages under water. The massage helps the patient to relax, obtaining a more effective treatment. Optimum stimulation is achieved by proper adjustment of water stream when massaging specific areas. The T-MP UWM tub features a UWM hose with exchangeable nozzles ideally … Läs mer

Vattenterapi, multifunktionellt badkar Magellan Tina Magellan

277,000 kr

Magellan multifunctional hydrotherapy tub. MAGELLAN  is an automatic multifunctional hydrotherapy tub able to perform massages and baths with aromatherapy and chromotherapy. It includes an electronic control panel and a special configuration of 34 jets distributed into 5 sections: feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine that can be set individually.  Additionally, the user can select sections that he or she does not want to … Läs mer