Radarterapi Mikrovågor

Koaxialkabel för mikrovågor VARITRON-EP Koaxialkabel

6,020 kr

High frequency coaxial cable of 180 cm, Microwave VARITRON-EP.

Applikator för mikrovågor VARITRON 250-EP Lumbar

6,200 kr

VARITRON microwave applicator 250-EP. Reference Type 570-HELMO12 Circular Applicator 570-HELMO13 Applicator Lumbar

Utrustning med mikrovågor VARITRON 250-EP Cirkulär och lumbar

63,500 kr

The microwave equipment VARITRON 250-EP has been developed with advanced technology, achieved on the basis of using microcontrollers. Offers significant advantages over most of the microwave equipment currently on the market, since the average output power monitors itself in the following cases: • With the variation of line voltage between 190 and 240V • Any … Läs mer

Utrustning för radarterapi

65,600 kr

MAC1256 – RT 250 DIGITAL TEAM RADARTERAPIA RALP. EMISSION MODE continuous and pulsed. DESCRIPTION 250W Max Power 1600W continuous mode and pulsed mode. Display 240×64 DPI 20 stored programs. 10 programs to memorize. Armed with a circular antenna arm and orthostatic AC model Supplied accessories 1 Power cord 1 Manual Two 6.3-T Fuses A frequency … Läs mer

Radarkabel för hög frekvens Radarmed

5,920 kr

Cable högfrekventa radar (kapitalförsäkring) Radarmed Uppfyller EU Direktiv 93/42/EEC

A3D tredimensionell antenn med omgivande fält Radarmed

7,600 kr

A3D tredimensionell antenn med omgivande fält Radarmed

Utrustning för radarterapi Radarmed 2500cp

76,100 kr

Team radarterapia. Max 250W enda sättet Mode pulsatil.100 program och 1600 W + 200 minneskort program. Radarmed 2500cp Uppfyller EU Direktiv 93/42/EEC