Homogeniseringsblandare "Stomacher-3500 Jumbo"

126,000 kr

Specially developed for preparations that require high-volume homogenization treatment of powder mixtures, analysis of pathogenic samples, treatment of stool (flora, fats), menstrual losses. Food preparation in geriatrics and pediatrics. Water industry, chocolates, laboratories pigs … FEATURES: Designed for capacities from 400 to 3500 ml. Allows rapid mixing and homogenizing. Microprocessor controlled: - Adjustable speed range … Läs mer

Homogeniseringsblandare med spakar 50-400 ml

37,600 kr

Useful in food industry, is particularly suitable for processing and preparation of Cultural UP for microbiological testing of food can also be used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and meidoambiental analysis. Compact design and built in stainless steel, mechanical equipment allows homgeinización samples quickly and easily. FEATURES: - Compact design in stainless steel front door with glass … Läs mer