USB ljudnivåmätare internminne PCE Instrument

1,860 kr

This small and robust sound level datalogger comes with a huge storage capacity (up to 129920 sets of data). It measures sounds from 30 to 130 dB und stores them in its internal memory. It is the perfect device to perform long-term measurements in different areas. The sound level datalogger is a self-sufficient device which … Läs mer

Integrera ljudnivåmätare klass II kärn PCE Instrument

1,770 kr

This sound level meter allows to measure the noise volume in decibels in a simple way. It indicates the difference between normal noise and high noise pollution in the environment or in the industry sector. It is used in restaurants, bars and nightclubs to control the noise level inside the establishment. Acoustic contamination and its secondary effects can be … Läs mer

Ljudmätare multifunktionssensor buller, ljus, temperatur och fuktighet PCE Instrument

1,560 kr

The 4-in-1 multifunction environmental sound level meter includes sound, light, temperature and relative humidity sensors. It is suitable for educational, professional and personal use. It comes in a light carrying case and is easy and quick to use. Allows you to test environmental conditions directly. Features: 17 mm LCD display with 4 digits Hold function … Läs mer

Hög precision mini ljudnivåmätare PCE Instrument

1,410 kr

The PCE-MSM 3 sound level meter has some features only found in high-end devices. This high precision sound level meter has a compact design and is perfect for measurement of sound levels. This sound level meter allows to easily and conveniently display sound measurement data from different environments, such as workstations, machine controls, works, events, nightclubs, noise control … Läs mer

Multifunktions sonometer av 5 parametrar PCE Instrument

1,480 kr

This multifunction sound level meter combines an environmental meter with a digital, auto-ranging multimeter. It has a compact and user friendly design with a rubber housing and offers a wide variety of functions. It covers many measurement parameters such as resistance, capacitance, frequency, current, voltage, outdoor/indoor temperature (via K-type thermocouple), audible continuity test, transistor test, sound level and … Läs mer

Mini ljudnivåmätare PCE Instrument

890 kr

Compact sound-level meter PCE-MSM 2 for reference measurements. The mini sound-level meter PCE-MSM 2 can be used with just one hand. Turn the mini sound-level meter on, point it towards the noise-source and read the value on the display. The mini sound-level meter is a class II device. It can be used for every single … Läs mer

Ljusmätare, mäter upp till 200000 lux

1,680 kr

Measures illumination in the workplace Helps to determine whether a workstation has insufficient light or whether there is too much light Photo sensor: Silicone diode Cosine correction for light which falls at an angle Sturdy protective cover for the photo sensor Increased service life: Impact protection through a protective casing Delivery in a robust box … Läs mer