Modell av inneröra 3 gånger större än naturlig storlek 4 delar

2,000 kr

Ear, 3 times life size, 4 pieces The representation of the external ear, middle and inner. Includes removable eardrum with hammer and anvil, as well as mazes with semicircular canals, cochlear nerve and vestibulocochlear nerve. On stand. 135-E11: Also includes removable bone sections to close the middle and inner ear. On stand. Dimensions: 34 x … Läs mer

Näsa och luktorgan 4 ggr sion naturliga storlek

10,900 kr

Nose and Olfactory Organ, 4 times its natural size The halves of the nose are fairly cut from the base of the skull to the gum. Nasal septum can be seen with vessels and nerves (right side), all the structures inside the nasal cavity (left side), breast and aperture of the Eustachian tube (left side). … Läs mer

Världens största öra, 15 gånger sin naturliga storlek 3 delar

111,000 kr

The World’s Largest Ear, 15 times its size, 3 parts With 15 times its size, this 3-piece hearing is suitable for large auditoriums, museums and special collections. It is a representation of the external ear, middle and inner. The ossicles, labyrinth with cochlear and vestibulocochlear nerves are removable and can be studied in detail. Mounted … Läs mer

Gigantiskt öra, fem gånger sin naturliga storlek 8 delar

16,600 kr

Giant Ear, 5 times its size. 135-VJ513: 3 pieces This version is an incredible representation of 5 times the size of the ear for easy viewing from anywhere in the classroom! Includes representations of the external ear, middle ear, inner ear ossicles removable mazes with cochlear and vestibulocochlear nerve. On board. 135-W42514: 8 pieces The … Läs mer

Funktionell modell av öra Med förklarande grafik

11,200 kr

Functional Ear Model This model shows how it works / interacts with the tympanic membrane, ossicles, inner ear full with cochlear nerve and auditory membrane oscillations Vasil. The mirror allows the operation included a model to study the different functions of the ear from different angles at once. A single model can be studied by … Läs mer

Modell av inneröra. för skrivbordet 1,5 gånger störe än sin naturliga storlek

1,070 kr

Ear model for the desktop, 1.5 times life size Representation of outer, middle and inner. On base. Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 14.7 cm WEIGHT: 0.35 kg